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DAD´S HEAD On April 16th, 2009, my dad was involved in a car accident. A young man driving in the opposite side of the road got distracted, lost control of his car, and hit my dad’s SUV head-on. Apparently everything was fine, but after two months, my dad began to suffer from dizziness, headaches and vertigo. He was unable to stand. For three weeks my parents consulted with several doctors. But the doctors could not find the cause of my dad’s illness. My mom kept telling the doctors about the car accident, but they were not paying attention to her. Finally one doctor listened to my mom and ordered a brain scan. It was then discovered that my dad had suffered brain injury as a result of the accident. The brain’s left hemisphere had moved to the right and there was internal brain hemorrhage. The only option was brain surgery. The camera was my partner. These photographs document the process from the perspective of those who love him and were next to him throughout the ordeal.

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